ko ko thett

a little vase of light verses by K Zaw (the eras, June 2016)

A new collection of light verses and one-liners by K Zaw [Mandalay Thein Zaw] in years. Irish poet Joseph Woods calls it ''profound, casual, Eastern William Carlos William's prescription notes''.  

PARA by HAn Lynn (Chant CHan Books, 2015)

Co-translated by Kenneth Wong & Nyein Nyein Pyae, the book represents the most translatable of Han Lynn's quirky poetry. 

21 Poems by Khin Zaw Myint (The ERas, Yangon, 2015)


A collection of Khin Zaw Myint's best-loved poems in the original Burmese and in English. The book was an instant hit amongst Khin Zaw Myint's fans. Out of print.


ScuttleButt by Myay Hmone Lwin (NDPS, Yangon, 2015)


Co-translated by Wendy Law-Yone, the bilingual Scuttlebutt was launched at Singapore Writers Festival-2015. 


Poetry International (November 2013)


A selection of poems  by Mae YwayMaung DayEaindra and Pandora in English translation and in the Burmese original.


kaungkin (12 January 2013): Wanted: General Aung San


Burmese poet Paing's poem in translation: Wanted: General Aung San


kaungkin (27 November 12): thank you for saying thak you by Charles Bernstein

international Times (25 October 12): the Age that craves for democracy

kaungkin (26 june, 2012): opposition by kaneko Mitsuharu

A Burmese rendition of Kaneko Mitsuharu's 'opposition' as: အတိုက္အခံ


kaungkin (15 may, 2012): vulture's six excuses for Brutality by Fred D' Aguiar

international Times (4 May, 2012): I am dialectic by Zeyar Lynn


Following link will lead you to the English version of Zeyar Lynn's 



kaungkin (3 May, 2012): Johnny cake hollow by charles bernstein


Feel free and serve yourself to  ဂျော်​နီ​ကိတ် ဟောင်းလောင်း, a Burmese version of

Johnny Cake Hollow by Charles Bernstein.


Warscapes (3 May, 2012): the Wound by Khet Mar


Here is the link to အနာ by ခက်​မာ.


kaungkin (04 February, 2012): true Love by wislawa szymborska


Please click here အချစ်​စစ် for a Burmese rendition of Miłość szczęśliwa by Wislawa Szymborska (1923-2012) via English version 'true love' by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh.


sampsonia Way (30 jan 2012): The book Club that pollinates Burma's future


The Book Club: The Butterfly That Pollinates Burma’s Future

Burmese author Khet Mar’s personal account of a student book club in Rangoon, where she taught student union leaders who would later be imprisoned for their political views. Her account also details their January 13 release from prison under a general amnesty and a reunion with of some of the club’s members via telephone.


Burmese poems on poetry international web (Jaunary 2012)


Burmese poems in translation and in the original by leading poets

Aung Chemit, Ma Ei

Maung Chaw Nwe, Maung Pyiyt Min, Zeyar Lynn  and Maung Yu Py.


kaungkin (28 november, 2011 ): suicide by MArin Sorescu 


Click here for a Burmese version of 'Suicide' by Romanian poet Marin Sorescu.


kaungkin (2 november, 2011): occidentul (the Occident) by Mircea Cărtărescu


for a Burmese rendition of 'Occidentul' by Mircea Cărtărescu, translated from the Romanian by  Adam J. Sorkin and Bodgan Ștefănescu, is available here.


asymptote (October 2011): from bones will crow 


Samples from ''Bones will Crow: Fifteen Contemporary Burmese Poets'' by Khin Aung Aye, Maung Chaw Nwe, Eaindra and Pandora are available here.


Tirade (September 2011): Baardenmanieren


The Dutch rendition of 'The Ways of the Beards' by Zeyar Lynn (from ko ko thett's English translation) is available here.


poetry Review (AUTUMN 2011): Bones will crow, A selection of Contemporary Burmese Poetry


Click here for a PDF file of 'The Ways of the Beards' by Zeyar Lynn.


Sampsonia way (August 2011): burmese Poetry 


Click  here

for  'Achilles' Heel' by Khin Aung Aye and 'The Sniper' by Pandora.  The Burmese originals are available here .