ko ko thett

details from Lee Jinju (2010), A way to Remember [with kind permission from the artist] 

about me 

ko ko thett is a poet by choice and Burmese by chance. In between he is a poetry editor, literary translator, and anthologist of contemporary Burmese poetry. His poems have been published in literary journals worldwide (from Griffith Review to Granta), and translated into Chinese, Arabic, PortugueseRussian, German and Finnish. thett's poems are anthologised in Best American Experimental Writing 2016 [BAX 2016]CAPITALS: A Poetry Anthology The Borderlands of Asia: Culture, Place, Poetry , and Supplement among others. After a whirlwind tour of Asia, Europe and North America for two decades, thett happily resettled in Sagaing in his native Burma-Myanmar in 2017. As of 2020 he is most likely to be spotted in the Golden Triangle area of Norwich, UK. thett writes in both Burmese and English. Click here for any query or comment on his work.